Way of Illusion

  1964 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO  age17

Waeter Color 150×88cm

In the world of darkness, there are many paths. A lot of road selection can fit on the screen and go out of the screen, in this world, you choose which way to get lost in, there are also many obstacles. Some of the outlet and do not know. Life is alike a lot of people. Born to live not knowing anything, not knowing anything, without purpose, people are wandering like a maze. My trouble, suffering, vain efforts, I'll leave with this world when dead. I wonder if it may be in such a thing. What exactly is life no matter what? I wonder if there is a deeper meaning and purpose in life. In this elusive life, how to live, something, anything, to anything, know it, and truth and enlightenment and true human happiness should be pursued by anyone. Therefore, listen to the story of the people, look at a good book, face up to reality, but we must consider ourselves more deeply, opened enlightenment, know the truth and leave the doubts, and you will find the meaning of true happiness of life.