Warning to all mankind (music)


【Contents of the music】
Beginning in Pearl Harbor attack,and rush to the Second World War,
the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,World War end,
visited peace of temporary fleeting is the largest ever of war
begins again,Many people perish . It has been warned to all mankind
as it is not to be destroyed at that time .

  June,1963  aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO  age16

Oil Color 260×194cm F200

This work is a masterpiece by painting of No. 200 that I drew when 16 years old. I was trembling in fear the arms race the United States, the Soviet Union, due to nuclear and other countries, the date of all mankind or destruction is not visit some day when I was a 16 year old. 1941, Japanese troops to conduct the attack on Pearl Harbor by surprise Looking back on history, it is had claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans. It becomes the momentum, it was carried out by developed into World War II. I went to the invasion of the East Asia countries, but due to lack of supplies, the Japanese army went steadily defeat strength is weakened. Repeat many times, the United States urged to surrender to the Japanese army, but in order to did not respond to it resolutely, August 6, 1945, in Hiroshima, August 7, the Japanese army dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki finally is, it is brought victims of approximately 400,000 people. It also complained of the terrible nature of the atomic bomb, the people of the world does not seem to resonate in the mind so much. This is because the foreign idea is to by the bombing, the world that he was going to have peace. In order to world peace, one that recognized the non-own first, it is the root cause of the war, that that is avoided in the spirit world, the influence of evil spirits, to receive the guidance of the Spirit of truth, the world in other that there is no have been warned to all mankind How to peace. Seen in the upper part of this picture, Profile of black silhouette is a sculptured group of demons who to folly of mankind to be go destruction, continue to laugh derisively. See the sculptured group of nuclear bomb victims found around the mushroom cloud of the central, in the face, and some suffering and extreme sadness, laughter and crazy anger and shouting. Kind squid starting to Cambrian seen on the ground biological history, the fossil of the oldest, jellyfish, trilobite is drawn around. Dinosaur era later, Mammoth also come out. And to reach the modern, tanks, warships, fighter, missile warheads appeared, all mankind leads to destruction. What a thing, in order to avoid the situation of the worst, in order to avoid destruction in the sense of another nuclear war or more, to avoid the influence of evil spirits in the spirit world, the guidance of the Spirit of truth Oh It not that you receive, and how the other, rescue mankind, is the have been warned repeatedly to all mankind. And composed the solo piano by the same title, playing himself, I have recorded CD, MD, on cassette tape. The appreciation also to music and writing and painting, and I would like you to consider the mystery of the deep humanity.
July 1963 (16 years old)

In front of the epic oil Entitled
「warning to all mankind」(then unfinished)
Kaneko play the guitar Haruo