Eve and the serpent and Satan

  2014 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

Acrylic fiber picture F10 53×45cm

Some of the book of Genesis in the Old Testaments, the first human woman Eve, deceived by a snake, is written by God ate the forbidden fruit. A lot of people believe this Mythology as fairy tale by the fiction that this record, the whole Bible is a book written by the inspiration of God, in the error of evolution there is sufficient evidence if you think about, God created the first humans Adam and Eve. There is a need to look at what the meaning of this record to seriously think about. Serpents were not created originally with speaking conversation ability. But if there is work from the world of spirits, it is possible for animals to be manipulated, to pretend animals are talking to human beings is possible. Speaking of snakes, according to the Bible of the Revelation Chapter 20 Section 1-3 it is a symbol of Satan the Devil. That is, the first woman Eve was deceived by Satan the Devil of the spirit world instigating into eating from the forbidden tree by God. This event is not just a fairy tale, all of mankind had a significant impact on that true story. In other words, in this world the cause of all the existing evil and suffering by the first humans Adam and Eve by surrendering to Satan the Devil is there that we ate the forbidden fruit by God. All mankind were away from the rule of God, entered under the control of Satan the Devil ever since. It is stated in the Bible that Satan the Devil is "the god of this system of things" or "God of this world". (Second Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 4) (Revelation Chapter 12 verse 9-12) but in the near future by the God Christ figuratively a snake from this world the devil Satan, will be destroyed by the Kingdom of God that has been newly established in the near future will bring new true world peace.