What is the Human Being

  1962〜1963 aproduct graph

150cm×88cm Oil Color

The Vast Universe and The Minute Self, thinking about these topics or issues, for me there are some questions. One-Hundred-Fifty-Million Light-Year it will take for the light to come to the human being. If you say “What are you?” the answer, I would guess, would take 150million light-year…to come back as an answer. In the Infinite World time, there is a human like a dust, why does this being appear, I knew the answer, If I say the truth no-one would believe me. However, that answer may not be comprehensible. People without faith or belief cannot understand. What the human eye cannot see is a Burning Spiritual World. In this Spiritual World we can find the truth, that is space and life, mystery that is the key.