Beginning of The Universe

  1982@aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

22.7cm×15.8cm@Acrylic paint

About the beginning of the universe there are many theories about the beginning of the universe. Whatever theory there are, there are no evidence even in the science field. For example, about the Big Bang theory, the universe exploded and the universe cooled. Stars, planets these object are until now based on this Big-Bang theory. Astrologist Allen De Allen talks about this theory (Whatever theory there are it has no definitive answer) so he says.

The first is the gSteady State Theoryh amongst other theories is that the universe has always had its present structure and that matter is continually being formed. The gOscillating Theoryh is that the universe regularly expands and contracts over periods of thousands of millions of years.

About these three theories, Scientist R.M. Harbeck and L.K. Johnson says gNone is better than the other. You, the reader can choose the one you like best or you can reject them all.h Amongst these three theories the Big-Bang theory in California University. gThe universe is constantly expanding however this expansion is controlled.h This remark asks the question how did the world come to be is a mystery. And some science journalist . However, the whole Universe is somewhat mathematical order compared to any known watch made by any human being the universe is moving constantly on time.

For example a Solar Eclipse 2001-2100 every one hundred year there have been 224 solar eclipses in that there have been 77 partial solar eclipse of that there have been 72 annular eclipses, 68 complete eclipses. 7 are half eclipses, between annular and complete eclipse. The Caesium Atom in one second vibrates 9,192,631,770 times. The margin of error is for every 370,000years only 1 second error.

The Earth was created so that humans and animals can cohabitate together. If that were so the Universe was an accidental explosion would be an unscientific theory. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki was dropped an atomic bomb however no other use has ever been claimed but only for destruction. If that were so the universe would be mathematically was created by humans concerning this topic. There is evidence of the origin of the universe. The Creator created the earth utilizing rulers and compasses was not an accidental explosion. In the Universe the light travels half speed. To an intellectual there is definite evidence