Warning to the World

  1980 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

162×130cm F100

Two gates are drawn in this picture. That is, they are a large gate which comes to be ruined, and a narrow gate which results in a life. Signs that go to the countries in the world being ruined like the train which falls over a cliff, and it is going to the direction of the large gate which comes to be ruined from the interval of the building which accumulated money are shown. On the other hand, in the direction of a narrow gate, the guidance of one book can be obtained, and it can pass along a thin way, and can bend down to pass under a narrow gate, fall of this world can be survived, and it can go into the paradise of a new world. In a paradise, there is a river of the water of the life gone down by heavens. Those who drink the water of this river can live forever without dying. The mysterious clock has pointed out 1914 above this picture. If it is called 1914, it will be the year from which World War I began. Various distress has happened to the world since the year. If momentary cost passes from that time, the end of this vicious world will come and true peace will visit in the world. However, before the peace comes, people in the world have to think. It is because judgment like a sword is brought about from heavens like the thunder to people in the world in order to bring true peace to the world. The UN building and the Diet Building are broken down and the end is brought to the religion of all errors, and a political system. Now, people in the world have to consider who is saved individually. It needs to lean an ear about the warning to people in the world currently written in one book and Bible which were written by not people's idea but the inspiration of God. It must listen to the warning and he has to choose whether it passes along a large gate, or it passes along a narrow gate. the snake which has the seven heads when the figurative train showing the countries in the world falls over a cliff -- although this is a symbol of the evil spirit which has ruled seven world strong countries, this evil spirit is bound with a big chain, and is fathomless -- it is thrown in depth. Thus, the end of the vicious world comes, a new world starts, and true peace visits in the world.