Christ of Staurus

  1980 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

162×130cm F100

This painting, which represents the figure of Christ on the pillar punishment, often seen in the world, with a picture of Christ is different. Many pictures of Christ are on a cross, but without a crossbar, which is a pillar. According to the original Greek, the word cross comes out of the Bible about Sutaurosu, was translated from Kushuron, or a pile of books one without rungs, these words, which means pillar. These words, came to be incorrectly translated to cross to the extent 300 years after the death of Christ. The Roman Emperor Constantine around 325 A.D. fused Babylon, Egypt, The indigenous religion of Rome and Christianity and how Christ took to the cross. In fact, thousands of years ago before, in Babylon, Egypt and Rome the cross had been worshipped. The cross which is a symbol of the sun god, is completely unrelated to the ones of true Christianity. Therefore, the symbol of the Christian cross, the object of worship, is contrary to true Christianity. Because in the Bible, it is written that they shall not worship idols. I drew this picture in order to inform the exact facts of history to all mankind the meaning of Christ's death. According to the Bible, Christ is likened to grape vines to produce good fruit. The eagle is a symbol of wisdom from a high stand point, the cow is a symbol of power. And Christ is also referred to as a Lion of the tribe of Judah, it is a symbol of justice and has a legal right as king of the Kingdom of God. On the head of Christ is written in Hebrew, Latin and in Greek, "King of the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth." The Snake with the seven heads a symbol representing the seven world powers that have been manipulated by Satan the Devil. And this Satans head is being crushed by the heel of Christ. By the crushed head of Satan will come the end of this wicked world, dominated by the Kingdom of God and the true world peace will come. The Pillar of Punishment the place where Christ was punished came from the Middle East of Israel. I drew Earth as representing this is a cosmic event. Christs martyrdom is the redemption of the sins of all mankind, for the sin of mankind is allowed, eternal life is given, people of all must accept the atonement of Christ.