Three gate for paradise (music)


  1967 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO  age20

Waeter&Oil Color 182×364cm

This picture is what all human beings are longing for a long time, and expressed abstract, symbolic, metaphorical, musically the entrance of Paradise filling happiness. War crimes, suffering, sadness, disease also is not here neither. Just, only happiness, peace and filling joy. With the hard-working active, that there are many gears, meaning that it is active. It is signed by the combined axis of this one, stick things like skewered to peace and happiness, family, or that there are many and represents the organization matches the combined knot. That round thing is followed by endless means that peace and happiness can last forever. Do you know who will be able to enter Paradise who reaches the life of this forever? To do so you must go through all three gates. That Gate is the straight one, the truth is the gate of life. In front of the straight gate, is certainly something that discourages those who try to enter. Way of life to choose the way of justice that many people do not and would've picked, it is a strait gate. Way of life to avoid a lie, walk according to the truth of the matter, it is the gate of truth. It is to avoid the step that leads to destruction from the gate of life, choosing a way of life that leads to eternal life is a life of true. Those who do evil will not be able to enter into this paradise. Peace and happiness of all mankind, it is the eternal theme of true art. (From Kaneko Gallery Ceiling Paintings)