Crown of immortal (music)

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Darkness is avoided, the way of light can be followed and there is severe competition, the gate of the truth, and the gate of a life.
If it bends down to pass under these three gates, it will result in an everlasting crown.
the crown of a life which is not ruined -- where is it?
If the crown of Tadashi who becomes an eternal honor, and it follow the love and passion which are shown [ how it is obtained and ] with a red pipe, the reason shown with a blue pipe and intellect, and those narrow ways by which it is accompanied, they will be attained to the crown of joy, and the crown of the glory.
The person will become known widely on all the backgrounds like lightning the time of those who bring about true global peace appearing, when the crown of these immortality expresses and is shown.
True peace and happiness which are expressed by a ball and the ring are then produced.
Those who grow toward hope like a treasure pillar are then born.