Treasure of Pillar


1967 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO  20age

auto graph/reproduce 116.7×90.9cm(F50)

What is the most precious and wonderful treasure of human beings? It starts from vanity, and grows to infinity. The treasure does not mean gold, silver, or jewels. What carry true peace, happiness, and eternal joy is the most precious and wonderful treasure of us. Reason, intelligence, love, passion, and refined ethics must be eternal treasure. All mankind must pursue it. As the living pillars, they continue growing everlastingly.

To humans, what is the most precious treasure, beginning from nothing it grows to infinity. Treasure is does neither mean gold, silver nor jewelry. In the hearts of people things that bring true peace, happiness and eternal joy are the biggest treasure. The highest degree reason, intellect, love and passion brings together ethics that are refined is a treasure that will last forever, all mankind should continue to seek it. Like a living pillar which will continue to grow forever.