aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

auto graph@33.4~24.3cm/
reproduce@45.5cm~32cm 8

gSpace Wayh pictures the Great Wall or the Silk Road in the universal scale in the far future. In other words, it may be called gthe Great Wall of Light-year.h In the pipe leading to light-years, a way exists, and gravity same as on the earth also exists in the way. Light same as the sun also works on it. Train and vehicles drive on the way, and pedestrians freely walk on the way. The rings indicate the space stations. The stations have a roll as a scramble of the Space Ways. On the station, Yahweh, which is the name of the creator of the entire universe, is written in Hebrew language. Some Space Ways are wide and spacious, and others are narrow. Space Ways link stars together. Therefore we can move to another star with the way. Of course, stars move. It is impossible to attach the way to stars. We need to transfer transportation for launching the star if we are approaching there. In millions of years, such travel will come true if science progresses, all mankind is united in love and unity, and God, the creator of the entire universe, assists.