Yubaru (music)

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Jufval is a persons name from Genesis 4:21 he renowned for creating the harp and the pipe. Jufval is 8th from Adam the first musician in history to make harp and pipes the pioneer instruments and music. He had taken music to a different level. The first time instruments were made depended on the music can be glorified naturally using ones imagination.

yPoem of Jufbalz
A long time ago Jufval garden breeze coming out of the pipe/flute is Gods music. A long time ago unknown to everyone the first of Jufvals yard. The voice of a bird, if you could hear with Jufvals ears I could make the same pipe. The sound of water like the river listen I would like to reproduce with the harp. One warm enthusiastic day no-one knows the harps sound. Bronze and steel Tufbal-cain created dreamy romantic for Jufval music.