Noah's Ark Existed

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Speaking of Noah's Ark, in the Old Testament and the New Testament, it is recorded as a fact of history. Also, by many explorers and witnesses, a sensational reporting has been carried out. In other words, near Mount Ararats summit the Ark still exist it is said even now. Mount Ararat is located in the eastern end of Turkey near the border of Iran in Armenia and is made up of two large peaks large Mount Ararat and a small mountain Ararat. It is said that both are very similar to Mt. Fuji located in Japan, the ark was washed ashore more on the large mountain of Ararat (elevation 5165m). The Arks witness report whether accurate or not, keep note below what has been reported for reference.

British James-Blythe in a place at about 5000m of Mount Ararat, found a piece of wood 1m 30cm length and 13cm thick.

Turkish troops conducted a survey, from the glacier near the summit, a huge wood frame was sticking out, they admitted that it was Noah's Ark. The wreckage had the same interior structure of a ship.

A Prince, protruding from the ice made of thick wood found the ark. In the1893 Universal Exhibition thought of trying to exhibit this Noah's Ark but suddenly died. In 1893 George Mahobian and his uncle climbed on the roof of the Ark and looked inside the boat.

Two Russian Aviators, from the sky discovered the ark, you have no basis to this report, Emperor Nicholas of Russia climbed up Mt. Ararat, 2 weeks of hardship was able to find the ark. And 150 people expedition composed of soldiers was organized, to climb up to the ark to examine its structure, about 100 rooms were confirmed with photographs to confirm but were lost in the Russian Revolution two days later.

Robert Uitori of Toppia is performing the exploration of the Noah's ark. He had hoped to tour around 198 countries, in various locations even on the desert, he finds the remains of the great flood of thousands of years ago. In Damascus, the people there believe the remains of Noah in a grave was discovered.

During World War II United States pilots may have flown the Ararat mountain skies many times, what seemed like a shadow of the ark it was reported they saw.

According to the report of Strikes, Austria and the Soviet Union astronauts have reported seeing the face of a huge ark protruding from the ice.

Helicopter pilot George Jefferson Green performs low-altitude flight, took a picture of the ark, but was assassinated later, the film of it was lost along with the belongings.

Including the French engineer Novella (or Navuara) 6 people climbed to the discovered ark to confirm its position.

Novella carries the ark in a movie film and gains reputation in a lecture.

Novella and his family of five climbed Mount Ararat, with his second son Raphael the two of them brought back the wood of the ark. That piece of wood was taken to laboratories of four places in the world and asked the dating of the wood, the age from the four places has been put at around 5000 years.

July 1972
United States satellite picked up the figure on the summit of Mount Ararat of Noah's ark and brought in front of our eyes.

Geologists have taken films showing the location of the ark.
Important: Noah's ark and events of the global flood if is a fact of history, all of modern mankind must consider seriously. From God some inspiration were written in the Bible, like the flood of Noah the destruction of the world by the judgment of God is similar, in modern society it is brought because it is prophesied. At that time in order to survive, what is the right thing to do is indicated in the Bible. Reading the Bible of the following section what will each individual should do I recommend to all mankind.

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