Scientists who believed in God

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Believing in God and that's unscientific, many people believe, it is ridiculous. I think scientifically the things, if you determine to have a reason, that there is a God the Creator is obvious. Fact is many excellent scientists, thinking about the universe we’re led to believe the mechanisms and of the earth, the structure of an organism or atom, consider God as the real Creator. I think by citing the words of scientists show that the following words should be read with a spirit of inquiry.

Newton 1642`1727

H. W. Turnbull edited a letter of Isaac Newton, on page 17 Isaac Newton’s letter of analysis of the 3.6 million words scientific things at 1 million words, related to religious topic 1.4 million words marked accordingly. This means that Newton seems to have been interested in a lot of religious matters than science. In addition author F. E. Manuel religion of Isaac Newton on page 48 Newton believed the God of the Bible, from the original Bible the teaching of the Trinity is an error according from the original bible God and Christ with the presence of another. Newton believed in the revelation of God of the bible that nature was always in harmony. Newton thinks God, for no reason created without a purpose, the teachings of the Bible in the same way it was argued, demonstrated by fitting logic and reason.

Einstein 1879`1955

Words left by Einstein: science without religion is a disability science without religion is blind. The law of the universe is one of which is explicit. It is a spirit far more superior than that of humans and we cannot help but feel humility. I want to know how God created the world. I want to know the idea of God. According to the letter Einstein wrote to a friend Michele Besso, Einstein in the laws of physics studied the work of God. There are countless places mentioned in that letter of the God of the Bible, Jehovah.
Edison 1847`1931

The son of a great inventor Thomas Edison said the following for religious in conviction of his father. “From the fact that my father told me many times, my father believed the intellect of the best. I know about it for sure." Further, it is stated that the following writing is a signature of Edison. "Almighty God made milk as milk, milk was not made by chance. God is the biggest chemist.” In addition, there is a word to cite the statement from the diary of Edison. “I think the knowledge that human beings have about God Almighty made the immutable laws of God. God will rule is insignificant, what will rule the whole world. "The benefactor of mankind” by Edison, "Questions and Answers with Edison and Lathrop are written in the book. Lathrop asked, "Do you personally believe in a God Creator of intellect?” Edison replied, "Certainly, in my opinion , the existence of God is proven from the chemistry."

Kelvin 1824`1907

Physicist of England Kelvin has said as follows: “Science I believe, the more you study thoroughly the once removed from us the things that science atheism.”

Arthur Holly Compton 1892`1962

Nobel Prize winner Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962) had said: “The universe is spreading orderly is intended to prove [God in the beginning] the truth of the first words of a most biblical solemn.”

Darwin 1809`1882 @and @Wallace 1823`1913

These two people cast the theory of evolution a lot of people believe them to be atheist but practically this is not the case. These two people had firmly believed the universe and the organisms were created by God. Their theory of evolution is God the Creator made one or a few cells on this planet, the cell gradually evolves into a microbe then becomes fish, it becomes amphibian, it becomes a monkey and evolved in something called human. In the beginning of the world it was spoken like that, but only the part that was created gradually is no longer spoken, the organism from the material have occurred by itself has changed. Darwin and Wallace organisms were created by God there was little scientific talent have gone into great failure as a scientist becomes a stage to claim the theory of evolution.