The Existence of God by Scientific Evidence

  2013 aproduct graph HARUO KANEKO

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God the Creator exists by scientific evidence, the entire universe and the whole organism it is clear. But many evolutionists and atheists, space and biological lost its creator have claimed to have occurred on its own. The celestial bodies, structure of the atom and biological cell mechanism surprisingly has a mathematical law and dense mechanical structures, unless someone has created this design, this is because laws like this takes place it is absolute.

For example, in order for the cells stay alive, at least three complex molecules in cooperation are needed. That is, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA (Ribonucleic acid) and protein. From modern science to say, no life is a complete cell without a mixture of chemicals, to be formed suddenly by chance is impossible. For example, a protein molecule is made up of between 50 to thousands of amino acids is combined in a specific sequence. Even in a simple cell there are many thousands of functional protein the average types of proteins may include 200 amino acids. 100 amino acids in one protein molecule contains only a probability that is formed by chance in the earth is approximately 1000 parts per trillion. This is fully supported by evolutionist researcher Hubbard P. Yoke says: "That the origin of life from that protein is not impossible." RNA is required to make protein and protein is involved in the generation of RNA.

The human body amongst all organisms is amazingly complex. Bone cells, blood cells, brain cells there are 100 trillion of it in very small cells. Types of cells are 200 or more and rising. Cells form a function in spite of the various deeds. Precision integrated network they form. Countless computer connected by high-speed data cable connected even the internet there is no comparison. Even basic mechanism that is on the very cell, any human invention is much less. In terms of the force of growth of the cell, the fetus brain cell in 1 minute formed 250,000 in a phenomenal pace it is said. The human factory if you increase the speed productivity the quality results are reduced, the growth of the cell is high speed and high quality. Like cells or eliminating the Creator would really occur by chance?
DNA has a structure in which two threads facing is twisted. The two threads are connected by a thin rod located at regular intervals. It is like a twisted ladder and is similar to the spiral staircase. There are only 4 parts of the crossbar and are called ATGC. In the sequence of the four characters is what encrypted information. One gene on average is made up of 27,000 characters. From gene between another gene there is a long region between the gene that chromosome "chapter" is completed. And 23 chromosomes in a book called Genome of the genome "book" that is to form the whole information about the human genome. Genome has over 30 billion of the ladder of base pairs in the rungs of a DNA. If Genome was the Encyclopedia there would be 856,000 pages recorded information. 1 gram of DNA in a CD (compact disc) trillions of information can be recorded.
Scientists have predicted in the near future, the man-made DNA combined with in one gram of DNA in a CD 300 million copies worth of information can be saved. The DNA of the human body has 333,333 times for the capacity of information.

In the DNA gene includes the blueprint of the body of each person, in each cell the same complete blueprint is entered. In one tee spoon full of DNA, the world's population 350 times 2,450,000,000,000blueprints are able to fit in it. DNA replicates enzymes using captured four chemicals drifting in the cell nucleus, that replicates to complete the crossbar stick to each thread of DNA. DNA during the life of human beings has an unrivaled accuracy, is being copied 10,000,000,000,000,000(10 quadrillion) times.

With a great thing such as a cell will you think by eliminating the Creator was made by itself, and if so that would not be an unscientific matter, how God exists in scientific evidence, that does not mean that special in-depth knowledge is needed. Including humans many animals the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands and feet are made attached is clear of the things that God the Creator knows that it is clear need is not there supposed to and without who there is evidence, from a scientific common sense to make you think creation should be lost by itself it exists. Furthermore all plants and all mechanism of the earth 15 billion light-years away to the microscopic world the whole universal mathematical law that there a God the Creator it is clear that there is real evidence.