The Error of dating

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In dating, there are various claims and methods for measuring, but the measurement method has affected the outlook on the universe and outlook on life of many people. However, I wonder if you think, when you plan your day today, distorted clock inaccurate watch. You would not think so at all. And if so, we have to determine if dating method can determine correctly and outlook on life, a view of the universe itself, how widespread in the world it is, whether or not accurate we need to see to think. For example, 434 million years ago from the Paleozoic Era strata was clearly a hammer found by the hand of man. However, humans on this earth were present there is evidence of only 6000 years. And if so, the radiation decay dating thus has an error of 72,333times. For that, below the dating methods are discussed,whether accurate or not I would like you to think.

Carbon 14 (14c) dating

Dating method using radioactive carbon 14 can measure the age of the material by the amount of carbon-14 . Plants absorb the carbon-14 by that absorb carbon-14 from cosmic rays. animals eat the plants . Accumulation of carbon-14 to end when the animals die , the collapse of the carbon-14 will begin . This is referred to as measure the age of the material by the amount of carbon-14 remaining . However, the 1966 version of the journal Science told as follows . The '14 second measurement method " carbon , carbon concentration in seawater and atmosphere era . Scientists are not up to the task . Basis large assumption that was uniform at all times over the period the entire measuring the radioactive amount of carbon in the atmosphere I found that it was not a constant basis .this but . " it is guess cousin of the original , before about 4300 years , there was a canopy of large water to protect from cosmic rays the earth's atmosphere according to the Bible . Because at the time of Noah's flood , the water came to fall on the ground , the amount of carbon-14 has many organisms flood after , but, for much less than today's carbon-14 , rather than actually to organisms flood previous I looks much older . (11, 12 section 7 chapter 6 and 7 section Genesis 1)
Over Calium Argon dating

This dating methodis used to determine the age in the rocks immediatelyabove and below of found bones by measuring the amount of decay to (40k) Argon 40 and (40Ar) Calium40. Radioactive Caliumin 1.3 billion years will have decayed to Argon gas in half. So, two to three million years old rocks is measured in this way, just like the second hand used to measure with a watch with the hour hand. Natural History magazine February 1967, said:Caliumargon measurement method especially if you measure the age of one million years or lessis inaccurate. Volcanic rock used as an objectcalium argon to the assumption flimsy method to target. This meansthe rocks that were melted and argon that was inside is the assumption all resolved by volcanic activity. But if the argon traces were left, the needle of the instrument is that it has not been placed in the zero point.This measurementof the lower strata and immediately strata above, in some cases the measurement resultsfor that new era. In the Science Journal April 27, 1962 issue scientists at John Hopkins University, took this view"these are unreliable ages".When the rock melts by volcanic activity, argon is not completely evaporated, there is still in just traces, rock layer of the past five thousand years you will see also 175 million years to 250 million years of age. This means that it will be 500 times older than calculatedfact. Science DigestDecember 1962says the following"potassium-argon method estimated the earth to be 4.5 billion years old but new numbers like 6.5 billion years in recent years have been submitted.

Uranium Lead Dating

It is said that uranium is a radioactive element that changes lead over a very long time, uranium 238 in 45 billion years changes half to lead. So ages of minerals containing uranium will be determined by measuring how much lead is being generated therein. However, this dating by a large assumption must never be forgotten. In other words, magma lava when it turns cold has not been mixed with uranium which is formed is not mixed with Uranium is the assumption. With even a little contamination of lead, newly formed rock, it looks as if it has already aged millions years. And if it were mixed with a large amount of lead, it is several billion years older than the actual calculation. You need to keep in mind that it might not be a few billion years but the actual age might only be a few million years old.

Over Rubidium Strontium Dating

This dating method, Rubidium 87 decays to Strontium 87 is not based on a phenomenon. Rubidium disintegration rate is unbelievable, half-life issue of 500 billion years. In contrast space is 50 billion years old. However, in minerals rubidium hundred times may have included strontium, even after rubidium collapses in 10 billion years there is only 1%. Disintegration rate of Rubidium is very slow, even if you measure the beta rays generated at the time of the collapse, the half-life cannot be measured accurately. Half-life is determined by comparing other long-lived elements. So, in this sense the rubidium clock is not completely independent. In this way, dating with radioactive substances cannot be trusted at all, also evolution if you think has sufficient scientific evidence that is a mistake, the human history is only about 6000 years it will be appreciated that there is sufficient reason to allow as shown in the Bible is the truth.