The Error of Evolution

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In modern time many people believe as if it were a fact in the theory of evolution but there was no scientific evidence, you should know, but biological evolution that is in fact all that is composed of hypothesis. Because of that the highest authority of the evolution in Japan by Imanishi Kinji in 1983 November 18 in the Mainichi Newspapers recognized that it is not a science, evolution and science declared a break away. That there is no scientific evidence to the theory of evolution will be understood from what is listed below.

1.There is no foundation to Evolution

According to the theory of evolution, it is initially organism occurred spontaneously from a material non- live but never once was also observed that such is not possible to prove experimentally. It is that there can be no that the 20 types of amino acids necessary for life first is a naturally occurring by eliminating creator. Is there only one of 10×113th power minutes according to evolutionists could be formed protein necessary for life of the amino acid further. Number of 1 in 10×113th power minutes is a lot than that indicated in the figure below of all atoms in the universe. In order for cells to activity, protein of 200 types is required. This could be made in the course of random
There is only one minute of 10×40000th power. There is only one of 20×100th power minutes could be formed in the simplest of histone required for DNA further. As seen from the fact that these substances from the Non-Life, life occurs by itself by eliminating the Creator, it can be seen that it is impossible.

2.Fossil shows the error of evolution

According to the evolutionist claim that from a simple animal , organisms have evolved gradually into a complex animal , but from the formation called the Cambrian Instead , animals of all complex types suddenly according to the fossil record the strata earlier , the organism is not being discovered almost been discovered . Biochemist DB Gower is, gave a critique of the following was reported in the United Kingdom Kent Times because the. Description of the creation of "Genesis incapable of both. Either is correct and the most primitive in the. Oldest match the description in Genesis where the fossil. Would be a mistake is telling is either from the creature , fossil -series that shows to the various forms that developed from it , traces of a step change is not found , various species were well differentiated in the rock of the oldest rather have emerged suddenly . looking at between which species and which species , fossils intermediate did not exist at all " . So it is you're clearly show that the fossil record rather than evolution , organisms that were created by the Creator.
3.Mutation shows the error of evolution.

HJ Mueller is performed numerous experiments , was awarded the Nobel Prize stated that: For mutation . "Most of the mutations are bad mutations , an excellent variation from is extremely rare , mutation is not safe to look to be all bad . Dozuueru also this point in the book that the mechanism " and " evolution has been recognized . . Mostly to the detrimental effects physiologically be anti- dominant trait or recessive trait all of the mutations that are found in the " laboratory . Kind seems to be beneficial to the organism of the natural environment is observed almost not . having deleterious effects 99 % of mutations.

4.Natural selection is the enemy of evolution.

In the book " Charles Darwin " , De Be A is , " to control the evolution is ...... natural selection " . I'm writing with . "Natural" have been advocated continued beneficial mutation of the "Select" while rejecting a deleterious mutation , one organism will change to another organism that progress soon . However , more than 99% of mutation if it is harmful , the " natural" exactly what you would be able to "select" . Beneficial mutation even if every other temporarily , raw very few that actually . If a deleterious mutation may; many same system After that , the organism is so inferior to , and do something , nature will dismiss its biological . " Natural selection , is to become the enemy of evolution as well as mutation.

5.Crowded trace organ is not the evidence of evolution

British encyclopedia stated that: in this regard . " Many of the so-called trace crowded organ , that you have an important role has come to be known gradually " . The said action of some organs is not known , it is not possible to to be a near trace it . Also, it is failure-prone to function , not a sign of the near trace organ . Occurrence of cases every year , of disease of the throat would be more than the pathogenesis of appendicitis probably . However , not one who called the near trace organ throat . It is supposed to be improving the functional evolution is also development , the organ like new addition . If there is a organ that is really degenerate , it is evidence of corruption rather than the evidence of evolution , it is a sign of retrogression trend humans rather than progress.

For these reasons , because there is evolution that is a mistake , is sufficient scientific evidence , as shown in the picture of the " error of evolution " , the train to fall off a cliff , evolution figure quite soon when you count on losing will come . This train has changed to snake from the middle , but if you ask evolutionists , those that are similar that it is evidence of evolution . So, it can be said that the identity of the theory of evolution be a snake though , would say that it is a thing to an evolution of the snake train are similar to snake . It is a symbol of the devil Satan is the father of lies according to the Bible and the snake . ( John 8:44 ) (Revelation 12 : 9 ) (Revelation 12 : 9 ) or theory of evolution came entice whole earth , is leading to the destruction through the wide gate that many people prefer . On the other hand , correct science is a narrow road , it will lead to eternal life of two types of through the strait gate , and the gate of truth , the gates of life .
And saw say correct science , it is cut by the ax of truth , phylogenetic tree of evolution that has been devised by Haeckel , will be brought down with the big sound . No, it is you're knocked down already . For this critical truth , all human beings should be awake , school education of the whole world , is we should teach that it was a mistake of the times science was delayed theory of evolution . I recommend to all mankind that this.