The Collapse of Evolution

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Colored pencil picture 42cm×30cm

The collapse of evolution is happening worldwide. No, that’s spreading worldwide. That’s because, evolution has made a mistake there is enough scientific evidence to prove that so. If you want to learn the scientific truth and want to move on. It phylogenetic tree of evolution that were considered by evolutionists is felled by ax of psychology and saw that corrects science. That it is pride if illuminated in light of psychology further become apparent. It phylogenetic tree of evolution is from falling into in the valley of the deep abyss.
Did the ape-man exist? Evolution denies the truth.


Also referred to as Pithecanthropus-man and Erectus-man is said to be in existence between ape and man as a middle size animal. The person who discovered it is Dubois mixed six fossils together. That’s a long-armed ape a gibbon top of the skull, right leg femur and three teeth were discovered 50 feet(15 meters) from each other separately. After discovering the sixth piece a small fragment. Namely, at a different place on the island geographically stratum a piece of jaw bone. However, on the occasion of the 3rd International Animal Scientific Society professor Pacho made the following counterevidence presentation.
The top of the skull was actually of a chimpanzee or gibbon, the femur was of a human, when it was discovered during the circumstances this was from an animal. In addition, biologist Professor F. Marsh said as follows: “Another example of tampering with the evidence was furnished by Dubois, who admitted, many years after his sensational report of finding the remains of Java Man… that he had found at the same time in the same place deposits of bones that were unquestionably those of modern humans.”

Peking Man

This is also referred to as Sinanthropus Pekinensis by H.M. Morris. “There is no real evidence against the far more reasonable theory adopted by some, that Peking man etc. descended from Homo-Sapiens as a result of mutation, isolation, etc. In fact there is some evidence that modern man himself is a somewhat deteriorated descendant of these ancestors.” In addition, in the book called Peking Man on page 93 it is written as follows: “About Shinantropusu, Davidson Black with respect discovered in Ryu-kotsu mountain the hominid fossil the first figure of a hominid animal. With respect to the figure of hominid animals Ryu-kotsu Mountain, ideas that black was holding for the first time, was the combination of simian jaw and skull of modern humans. Again, not much difference in Peking man and of modern humans brain size, there is also the theory that it is only three quarters of modern humans. Even if there was a likely example, that in itself is not evidence of evolution. The 19th century literature writer Anatole France of France had a very small brain. It weighed 1040 g., with a volume of 1040 cubic centimeters, it is considered as the center of the distribution of brain capacity of Homo-Erectus. Still there was no trouble for use of words. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1921. In present modern times the small head race does not mean that it is inferior to intelligence than ethnic big head race. So saying, the brain volume of Peking Man is smaller, it is not said to be evident that intelligence is inferior to modern people. Brain volumes of whale and elephant is much greater than the volume of the brain of modern humans, but it does not mean that intelligence is stronger than humans. There is no longer any evidence that Peking Man was a monkey any more than modern people. Nevertheless, New York Times in September 7, 1959 told as follows: "Peking Man had his face redone to play the leading role in a documentary film in China about hominid life. This prehistoric human re-created neck is to be considered nearer to the real thing."

Cro-Magnon Man:

H. M. Morris wrote the Bible and a book called modern science book as follows is described on page 53.
The Cro-Magnon even in the size of the body, even in brain size it has been known by modern humans.
In the book called Lucy it is written on page 29 as follows: Cro-Magnon Man we’re so virtually indistinguishable from those of today that even the most skeptical had to concede that they were.”


World Book Encyclopedia issue year 1966 Edition 15 page 672 is written as follows:
Scientists first viewed Neanderthal man bent over, stooping, ferocious ape-like creature at that time of research Neanderthal man men and women’s body were upright even the muscle are apparent perfectly like a humans body. Their brains are the same size as modern human. Japanese evolutionist with the highest authority Kinji Imanishi's wrote the birth of humanity from his book on page 53 the following: “The brain size of Neanderthal is greater than that of modern humans. But when viewed from only the size of the brain, they more likely were higher than us. It is a story that this also not liked. "


Reconstructed only from teeth and jawbones and standing straight something that looks like an ape. Such new information in the Natural History magazine provoked from 1979 August through September on page 86 the following: “How did Ramapithecus, reconstructed only from teeth and jawbones and without pelvis, limb bones or skull capable of sneaking into this manward-marching procession?” New Scientist magazine in 1982 on June 24 on page 873 wrote the following: “Ramapithecus cannot have been from the first member of the human line.”


It had a small anthropoid(ape-like) braincase, heavy jawbone and was pictured walking on two limbs, stooped over, hairy and apish looking. Anatomist Zuckerman wrote the following: “When compared with human and simian ape skulls the Australopithecine skull is in appearance overwhelmingly simian not human.” Donald Johanson wrote in his book Lucy on page 38 the following: “Australopithecines were not human.”

Piltdown Man

In the National Encyclopedia (Heibonsha) sixth volume page 387 the following is written: “In the UK, in Sussex was discovered The Piltdown Man in 1912 was found a human skull where the stratum is old the jawbone of a typical monkey and the head of a modern human and was named after the Daybreak People. Human Evolution occupied a special position in history plagued scholars, in 1953 this fossil was discovered by a fake discover Dawson has been found to be a fake. As seen from the above Evolution scientific evidence to the theory of evolution will be appreciated. On the other hand space, organisms, humans, was created by God presents enough scientific evidence. If you want to know the evidence and if you contact me, for free I will refer to the materials. Knowing the error of evolution knowing the fact that human beings were created by God, to build a world of peace and true happiness it is absolutely necessary in order to know the purpose of present humans.