Muslim and Babylon


2015 Haruo Kaneko

Collage/Colored pencil

Islam has about 1.6 billion followers in the world and is divided into over 70 sects. Islam is also said to be Muhammadt as a guru because Muhomet is a guru and is said to be both Chuwa and Huifu. Also, Muhammad is said to be Mohammed, both Muhammad and Muhammad.
The basic teaching of Islam tells us that "total obedience", that is, human duty, is obedience to God's will. Mahomet is said to have been born in the city of Mecca in the western part of Saudi Arabia in 570 AD. Mohomet is claiming to be the descendant of Ishmael, the son of Hagar, the bow of Abraham, which appears in the Old Testament.

Muhammad taught that the only God, the Creator Al Allah is present, those who believe it are rewarded for in heavenly paradise, and villains are in hell and subject to punishment. Muslim, there is no god besides Allah,
Muhammed is claiming to be that prophet. Muslims were influenced by Judaism and apostate Christianity and thought that the trinity was made up of Jehovah and Jesus and Mary,
Muhammed surprised the town of Mecca in the year 630 AD, and brought bloodlessly to succumb. Because of that, the city secretaries approved Mohammed as divine ambassador of plenipotentiary. Through this victory, Muhammad's religion has established a solid position in Arabia. Muhomet left the scripture Koran, but he insisted that this was God's word communicated to him through the angel Gabriel.

Muhammad was already part of his religious system, incorporating the meteorite worship that had been done in Mecca.
Muhammed came to be enhanced as the seventh, last and greatest prophet. Prophet ahead of him is Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, which appear in the Old Testament.
Muhamatt asserted that the trinity taught in the Christian country is the teaching of blaspheming God.
He said that God does not have descendants, so he can not accept Jesus as a child of God.

Muhammadt claims that the New Testament description forged the record about Jesus, but this argument is not proved. It is written in Galatians 3: 16 of the New Testament.
"The appointment was brought to Abraham and to the descendants of one of them ... ... He is the Christ." In the Old Testament, the name of God Yahweh (Jehovah) has appeared 6828 times, but the name of God never comes out to the Koran. "Allah" means "god" because it is not God's unique name.

Muslims are prophesied in Deuteronomy 18: 15. It is claimed that "Moses like a prophet" coming out of Moses' brothers is Mahomet. But Muhomet is not a Jew who is Moses 'brothers, but a descendant of Ishmael who refused from God to be part of God's promise to Moses' descendants. The Koran denies that Jesus was put on the prison pillar and died, but the New Testament acknowledged this, showed that Jesus was raised from death by God,
It shows that there is no salvation besides Jesus. (Acts 4: 10 - 12)

But the Koran denies Moses as a prophet of God, but denies that Jesus is a prophet like Moses. Muslims admit that Jesus said about "consolators" or "helpers", but they applied it to Mohomet.
Muhammad taught the immortality of the human soul, but the Bible denies it, which shows that it is the teaching of the devil Satan who was behind the snake who talked with Eve. (Denpetsu 9: 5 Poetry 146: 3.4 Creation 3: 4
Apocalypse (Revelation) 20: 2)
In Ishiba, it is taught that after death the human soul goes to paradise of heavenly paradise or is tormented by seven layers of hell. Also, Adam is taught to be in the lowest heaven among the heavens. However
According to the Bible, John 3:16, "He who has come down from heaven, son of man (Jesus) has no one in the sky".

The Muslim scriptures are said to be the Koran or the Quran, but at the beginning of every chapter of the Koran there is the word "in the name of the Merciful, Merciful God". Also another Islamic scripture Hidey's writes about the severe punishment concerning murder. Muslims who firmly believe these words will never do anything like killing people. For example, enthusiastic Muslim Muhammad Ali said:
"For whatever reason we can not be complicit in the murder.It will not go against the teachings of Allah.I will obey the law of God.I do not have a reason to point the gun to any innocent voticon"
(Muhammad Ali Quotes)
Because of that, I appreciate merciful Muslims who never wake up, such as terrorist incidents.
Muslims have about 1.6 billion followers throughout the world, second only to the Christian world, second in the world
He has many believers. Muslim believers are said to be Muslims, meaning "Submission to Allah". Among the Koran there are many parallel descriptions of the Old Testament, among them Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Lot, Joseph, Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Job, Jonah , Zecaria, John, Jesus, Mary, and so on
It comes out many times.

Muslims consider their faith to be the ultimate result of the faithful Hebrews of old times and the revelation given to Christians. Muslims worship meteorites at the Temple of Kaaba in Mecca. The Temple of Kaaba was originally built by Adam based on the prototype of the heavenly world, and it is said that it was rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael after the flood. Eventually the temple came to be regarded as the sanctuary of 360 idols. AD 630 Muhammad has made Mecca a bloodless castle, achieved control and acquired the idol from the Temple of Kaaba and established it as the center of pilgrimage.

Muslims admit polygamy. According to the Koran's Sura 3: 4, "If you are not likely to do fairly for orphans' girls, you think you are good, you two or four girls" ing. Muhammad married many women and left nine widows after the death. Muslim has spread to North Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia since the 7th century. However, in the fight against the Catholic Crusaders trying to reclaim the sacred land, Catholic in 1492 completed the recapture of Spain.

The Muslim scripture, the Koran, was ordered to write by the third generation caliph,
It was compiled around 650 AD. Koran consists of 114 chapters, consisting of long sentences in order, without regard to content. The contents cover the norms that believers should protect. Besides the Koran there is a scripture called Hideyse in Muslim. This is compiled shortly after Muhammad's death, and Muhammad's speech is marked. In Islam there are five banks and five banks obliged.
6 Trust is to believe in Allah, Angel, Scripture, Prophet, the Hereafter, Schedule. The Scripture also includes the Old Testament and the New Testament. 5 rows are 1 faith confession 2 worship 3 fasting
4 It is a pilgrimage 5 pilgrimage.

Islam celebrates the time when Muhammad's deputy, Mohammed's agent, will rule the caliph. (Until the 4th generation) However, when Ally, the fourth generation caliph, started ruling, the third generation Usman
The family of Umayy, who is a family, assassinated Ally as not being the fourth generation. A division occurred from here. The faction that supports Ally is called the "Shiite", the faction that supports the Umayya family is called "Sunni", and the leader is called the caliph. Currently Sunnis occupy 90% of all Muslims. On the other hand, Shi'a leaders are called "Imam", and Imam's speech is said to be authoritative Scripture after Koran Hardy.

Muslims are divided into over 70 sects, but in any case the doctrine is the Christian church
Like Buddhism, Hinduism, and all other religions, it teaches the ancient Babylon 's teachings, soul immortality, teachings of hell, teachers etc. Ancient Babylon and the Old Testament come out,
It means the religion that began with Nimrod worship hostile to the true God, the builder of the Tower of Babel
(Genesis 10: 8.9) All of these doctrines are inspired by the devil Satan, contrary to the teachings of the Bible. Because of that, all religions influenced by ancient Babylon are called "Great Babylon", as it is thrown into the ocean, as it is thrown into the sea, that it is destroyed forever by the judgment of God in the Bible It is prophesied in. (Revelation 18: 1-21) Those who wish to be saved for the sake of eternal life are not influenced by ancient Babylon, and accurately convey the biblical truth, a true religion We must find out and practice that religion.