Harm of blood transfusion


2015 Haruo Kaneko

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Transfusion is medically harmful

Many people think that blood transfusion is saving human life, but it is not so in fact. As a result of blood transfusion, thousands of people die every year, more people become serious diseases and suffer long-term effects. (Blood on page 22)
About 1,200,000 people transfuse every year in Japan. In the United States, blood of 1.2 million to 14 million units (1 unit 140 ml) is used for blood transfusion every year. (Blood 7 page 2 Darkness 2 pages) However, blood transfusion is causing medical harm to many people. For example, when surgery of a cancer patient is done, those who did not transfuse more than those who transfused are far more resilient and have less recurrence rate. According to the February 15, 1987 issue of the magazine "cancer", he said, "For colon cancer patients, 48% of patients transfused and 74% survived five years for patients who did not transfuse" I will. (Blood 7) Also, the doctors at the University of California, 65% of the people who had cancer of the larynx cancer, the disease recurred in the case of transfusion people, in the case of those who did not receive blood transfusion It was 14%. I said.
(Blood 8 page 66 Darkness)
Also, according to the American Blood Bankers Association meeting held in 1989, no infectious disease was found in those who had infection in 23% of people who received blood transfusion during hip joint replacement surgery and who did not receive blood transfusion It has been reported that. Blood transfusion has the danger of becoming infectious disease below.

AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) (HIV), hepatitis, syphilis, cytomegalous virus, malaria,
Herpes virus, infectious mononuclear cell disease (Epstein Barr virus), toxoplasmosis,
Leishmaniasis, brucellosis (wavy fever), typhus, filariasis, salmonellosis, Colorado mite fever,
(Blood 9 - 10 pages)

According to May 1, 1989 magazine "US ・ News ・ World Report", in the United States, about 5% of persons who received blood transfusion are affected by hepatitis. The number is 175 thousand people per year. Approximately half of them will be chronic carriers, at least one in five will be associated with liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. (Blood 10 pages)
Before the transfusion came to be carried out in the "British Surgery Journal" (October 1986 issue), the mortality rate due to bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract was only 2.5%, since the blood transfusion became habitual, 10% The mortality rate is reported. I said. (Page 23)

Transfusion makes cancer
In case of laryngeal cancer the recurrence rate jumps to 4.6 times when transfusing. (Blood 8 page 3 Darkness)
When cancer patients receive blood transfusion, recurrence and death increase. Significant side effects of blood transfusion are "carcinogenesis" and "recurrence"
Blood transfusion is clearly carcinogenic. Blood transfusions are a violent carcinogen. (Darkness 83 pages)
Treatment that safer and won than blood transfusion
Blood transfusions cause many infections, complications, and death, but substitution fluids are far more safe and resilient. So what kind of substitute fluid is available, such as saline solution, is easy and cheaper to fit with human blood. In addition, there are dextran, hemicell, sodium lactate-containing Ringer's solution, and starch (HES). (Blood 14 pages)
However, although red blood cells are needed to spread oxygen throughout the body, why does bloodless bulking agent exert its effect, but because people have oxygen carrying ability, even in case of blood loss Because a nice replenishment system works, the heart delivers more blood every beat, as blood is supplemented with a suitable solution. (Blood 14 pages)
There is no single blood type
It is said that blood types are generally four types of A, B, AB, O type, but it is a rough
As it is a classification, in fact the blood type has no single blood type, just like a fingerprint.
Therefore, when you transfuse, two blood starts to fight and panic, the blood loses coagulation function,
It will begin to bleed in every organization. The patient is suffering with high fever and death due to multiple organ dysfunction.
(Darkness 15-16 pages)
When blood transfusion is done, it becomes graft versus host disease (GVHD) at a rate of 1 in 60 people. About a year in Japan
2000 people have taken a blood transfusion and they have lost their lives due to GVHD. (Dark 19 pages)
I wonder why blood transfusions are done in blood transfusions. That is because the vampire business is involved in the medical world. The medical world has the word Blood Diamond, which means that blood is profitable as much as a diamond. (Dark 26 pages)

Mr. Sakaguchi, a former Minister of Health and Welfare, is a medical doctor and speaks as follows at a public seat.
"I was involved in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 50% of those who transfused had post-transfusion hepatitis (darkness 34 pages)

Jehovah's Witnesses refused to transfuse was right
Although it was an event in 1985, when a certain Jehovah's Witnesses refused to transfuse the child who was in the accident, a book called "blood darkness" (medicine journalist Shunsuke Funase and Mr. Satoshi Uchiumi, a physician
Co-authored) On page 44 of this book it is written as follows.
"At this time, the father of Jehovah's Witnesses has issued a determination that they want surgery without blood transfusion, which also leads to overseas state-of-the-art treatment guidelines and ways of thinking.This result, Doctors were unable to accept it because of ignorance because they insisted on the right policy for life expectancy, because they can be helped by surgery even without blood transfusion, they should be operated earlier, believers of parents and Jehovah's Witnesses It was rather the doctor who had been persuaded from them, and that persuasion that it would be okay not to transfuse as a result was medically correct, which is the current It is so in terms of treatment guidelines. "
Canton's dog experiment
1987 Physiologist Canton replaced dog's blood with sea water, seawater functioning as blood substitute
It proved to do. Even with replacing sea water, there is no hindrance to life activities, and on the contrary, the dog became more vigorous and lively than before the experiment, continued to live for 5 years and hit by the bus and died, but without this accident it is more vigorous and longer lived You should have done it. (Darkness 157-162)

Judging from the above matters, blood transfusion is harmful both medically and scientifically, and the transfusion treatment is far more
I can understand that it is safe.

The God of the Bible, the Creator of the Blood, forbids blood transfusion

Incidentally, the whole Bible was written inspired by the true God. (2 Timothy 3: 16)
A true god who is a creator of blood knows the nature of blood and prohibits blood transfusion because he knows that blood transfusion is harmful. God orders Noah, the ancestor of all humanity, as follows.

"All living moving creatures are all your foods, as in the case of green plants, I will certainly give it to you, but if you eat that soul, that meat with its blood I will ask the repayment of the blood of your soul, I will repay from the hands of all living creatures From the hands of men, from the hands of each of his brothers, I am the soul of men Those who bleed the blood of men will be brought down by their own blood, because God made man in their own image. "(Genesis 9: 3 - 6)

God orders as follows in Moses' law of giving to ancient Israelis:

"If there is something to eat blood whatever it is, I will surely cut my face from the people for my soul eating blood, the soul of the flesh is in the blood I have placed it on the altar so that you will make an atonement for your soul, because the blood will make an atonement with the soul in it, so I am with you Said to the children of Israel, "Neither of you shall eat blood, nor foreigner living in you as a foreigner should not eat blood." Everyone belongs to the sons of Israel or foreigners who live as foreigners among you If there is a person who hunts for beasts or birds that can be eaten, that person poured out their blood It must be covered with dust. The soul of every flesh is its blood, and the soul is within it. Therefore I said to the children of Israel, "You shall not eat the blood of any inner matter. Everything
The soul of flesh is his blood. Whoever eats it is cut off. "(Leviticus 17: 10-14)

God orders Christians in the Christian era to avoid blood as follows.

"It is to write to them to avoid the things that are soiled by idols and those that are strangled and strangled."
(Acts 15: 20)
"To avoid the fornication and the things offered as sacrifices to idols, things strangled and killed by blood. If you carefully protect themselves from these things, you will prosper you. ". (Acts 15: 29)

God allows blood to be used only when it is used as a redemption for human sins

"The priest shall take the blood of the bull and bring it into the tent of the conversation, the priest shall immerse his fingers in his blood, and some of the blood before Jehovah, in front of the banquet in the sacred place I'll hit it seven times. " (Leviticus 4: 5, 6)

The sacrificial blood of such an animal prophesically represented the blood of the sacrifice of which Jesus Christ is shed as a remuneration for the sins of mankind. It is written in Ephesians 1: 7 as follows.

"We are obtained by this (Jesus Christ) through release by the redemption made through that blood, yes, we are gaining the forgiveness of our innocence thanks to its excessive kindness of wealth (Ephesians 1: 7)

In this way blood is sacred and should only be used for the redemption of human sin and it should not be abused by blood transfusion etc.

When the Pope John Paul II abandoned his life when he was shot, he ignored the biblical teaching which prohibits blood, and because he received blood transfusion, it is infected with a cytomega virus which is likely to cause death, and after discharge from the hospital I suffered from suffering and was to be re-hospitalized. (Blood 9 pages)